A year in Liberia, West Africa

Friday, February 17, 2006

You're in the Army now, woh-woh-woh...

Well, recruitment of the new Liberian Army is now well under way...

Remember that song by the musically-challenged Status Quo?

You're in the Army now
You're not behind a plow
You'll never get rich
You son of a gun
You're in the Army now
You're in the Army

And it ain't no picknick either:
Wake-up call at 5.45am (aaaaaaaaarrrgh!), team meeting at 7.00, double caffeine/nicotine injection for breakfast, in time for the 7.30 welcome of new candidates for the brand-new Armed Forces of Liberia (motto: Our Nation, Our People, Our AFL).The first day they fill out a ten-page application form asking them all sorts of wonderful questions about them and their past (the answers to the medical Q&A are always fun to read: Q: Do you have any medical condition? A: I have drippy penis … or A: I have a problem with my nut). Then it's off to take an aptitude test to make sure they can read and write.
The next day they come back for a physical training test (push-ups in, sit-ups, 2km run... ouch!) before doing a medical check-up to make sure they're not all doped up like the Brazilian team at the Winter Olympics.

Soon we'll be taking the show on the road into the bush... I can't wait!


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